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Group Coaching

Enneagram Group Coaching  is an opportunity to explore the depths of your personality type in a safe, supportive and facilitated online environment. Our sessions are designed for growth and self-discovery, helping you better understand your motivations, behaviors, and relationships.

Learning is accelerated in a group environment. 

Image by Shane Rounce

Meet weekly via Zoom (Friday at 12pm PST) or drop in occasionally for facilitated group conversations and coaching using the Enneagram as a roadmap back to ourselves. Each week’s session will have a focus or theme. I am an experienced Enneagram group facilitator and somatic practitioner and will support the group by working with focus of attention, cultivating inner awareness and presence.  As a group we will discuss the habitual patterns of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how they are operating in our daily lives.  Working in community in this intentional way deepens understanding of why we do what we do and aligns our inner experience with the external.

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