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Offering Enneagram workshops, Enneagram group coaching, True Colors® workshops and online Qigong classes focused on building self-awareness and embodied practices.  

Wired & Tired?

This has become a badge of honor for too many people and it has an impact on your work, relationships and health.  Where are you putting your energy? Your ability to align your energy and the inner landscape of your thoughts and emotions with the outer landscape of your communication and behaviors is essential.   

I am excited to work with both individuals and teams who are willing to step into self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-care to flow more easily in life. 

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The EW Podcast: Roxanne Harrison


What are 3 'P's?


Our power is located in the gut or body center.  It is the center where right action, steadfastness and gut knowing originates.  


Our passion is located in the heart center where we connect with what matters most to us.  This center allows us to build empathy and compassion and to relate authentically.     


Our purpose if located in the head center where objective analysis, astute insight and productive planning take place. Your wisdom and vision are located in your head center.  

You can access your three intelligence centers by creating practices that support you

living your fullest life.

What are the 3 Ps?

Kind Words from Happy Clients:

Jeanne Fleck, Head Swim Coach,

Fresno State

"Roxanne worked with my swim team on communication and understanding each other and she coached my staff and team. The girls loved her and so do my coaches. The team has been using things they learned to communicate better and work as a team. Thank you for your help!"

Michelle R., Director of Leadership

"Roxanne's class is perfect for the Enneagram novice and those who have some foundational knowledge. It's a rare opportunity to be in a group of trusting individuals who want to better understand and enjoy their inner and outer world, by both enhancing their relationships and discovering their greater depth."

Santa Cruz County Chair, EAC

"Roxanne was one of the best, if not the best, EAC speaker we’ve seen in a while.  Her message really resonated with the group."

Claire Laughlin, Consultant & Trainer

“Taking the Enneagram Learning Lab with Roxanne was a transformational experience. Prior to the course, I had a very rudimentary understanding of the Enneagram, but I knew that it could be a powerful tool for self-understanding and growth. Roxanne brought the tool to life for me, and helped me understand how my type influences the way I see the world and relate to others. As a result of this class, I have formed new friendships, learned new things about my family relationships that help me interact in a healthier way, and gained profound self-awareness. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to live a richer life!"

Piret Harmon, General Manager 

Scotts Valley Water District

 "One (of the many) benefits of the group True Colors(R) training is that we have a shared vocabulary and knowledge base now. It makes it easier to reference back to what we learned as a group when attempting to reach a consensus or improve communications among team members."

Susan Sweeney, PVUSD Teacher 
"Roxanne introduced True Colors to our teaching staff during the introductory workshop.  It was truly eye opening for me to recognize that each person’s communication style is so different and that my style can be challenging for other people with different styles.   By understanding what’s important to another person I can focus my communication style on meeting their needs instead of focusing on only my needs."

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