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Levels of Energy

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Have you noticed a pattern in how your energy shifts and changes as you move through particular situations in your life? Are these shifts conscious to you or do they feel random and unpredictable? In any given situation we can observe these different levels as we move through, and we can consciously shift our attention. Where our attention and energy goes, our behavior follows.

Level 1 is where you feel you have no choice, and are at the effect of the situation or a victim. I can't, I have to....this is fear energy. At Level 2 you may start to move into a resisting or fighting energy, and maybe anger starts to rise up as you just won't tolerate the situation. This is not happening! Then at Level 3 you may move to rationalizing, like hey I can deal with this.....I got this. Moving to Level 4 brings in more care and compassion and you may want to be in service to something or someone. The focus of attention starts to broaden. Then at Level 5, a reconciliatory energy starts to develop and you start to explore the question of how can we both win or how can both sides benefit? As you move to Level 6 more creativity and intuition comes into the mix and you start to bring in an even broader vision of what could be. You may leave some of your binary thinking behind, and start to think in both/and instead of either/or. At Level 7, if you get there, there is a sense of oneness and a complete passion for all aspects of life.

I often may not arrive at Level 7 or I may touch in on it and then slide back. It's all a work in progress but noticing the levels and where I am at is helpful in moving me in a more conscious direction. Play with it and let me know what you notice.

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