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Enneagram Coaching

Often we reach a point in our life when we start to feel disconnected and stuck or we are unable to see our blind spots on our own. What has been working up till now isn't working anymore in creating deeper relationships, happiness and the outcomes we want.


In our coaching sessions we will:

  • Bring the unconscious to the conscious using the framework of the Enneagram to understand your values, beliefs and assumptions and the impact they have on your life.

  • Recognize self-limiting beliefs so that you can break through the barriers preventing you from reaching your goals

  • Identify the inner critic(s) and learn to separate from them so you can take control of your life​

  • Identify the reality gaps in our story so we can open up to more possibilities

  • Practice self compassion and create less resistance in self acceptance

  • Create structures and practices that support you to in living the your full life.

  • Create a clear vision of what is truly important so that you live in alignment with your values

Enneagram Coaching

Before you decide on a particular coach, check in with yourself by asking:


  • Do I feel like I am at a place of transition? Am I ready for new perspectives and insights?

  • Am I willing and wanting to commit the time and energy to practicing new ways of thinking and behaving?

  • Can I be honest with myself and my coach when something comes up that feels uncomfortable or has been unknown. 


If you are ready to begin private Enneagram coaching then the first step is make sure you have correctly identified your Enneagram type.  Click below to book a Enneagram Typing Interview.  

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