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Workshops & Coaching 

to Unlock Your Full Potential


Enneagram & Coaching

When another book or podcast isn’t enough for you to truly change, it may be time to dive deeper. The Enneagram represents a profound and powerful way to understand personality by looking directly at an individual’s core motivation. 


In the Enneagram Workshops & The Enneagram Learning Lab courses individuals will explore how their world-view is influencing their personal and professional relationships and creating certain group dynamics within their teams. 

How to determine your Enneagram Type?  

The first step in working with the Enneagram is to determine the correct Enneagram type. Learn more:

The Enneagram Typing Session

Book your Enneagram Typing Interview today!


Energy Flow


Energy flow is our natural state, but when our life force is blocked, our effectiveness can be blocked too. 


In the Enneagram and Qi and Energy Flow Fitness workshops you will learn to regulate and flow with your energy, transform stress and change your energetic frequency.  Participants will learn to access the three intelligence centers of the head, heart and body and feel more aligned.  


What is Qigong?

Qigong is true preventative health care. It reduces stress and leads to wellness, happiness, vitality and increased energy flow. Qigong has been used for 5,000 years! Qi Fitness works with the internal electrical system to improve physical health as well as emotional, spiritual and mental health... and is an effective inroad to getting in the flow.

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True Colors (R)


In our Understanding Communication Styles and Conflict Navigation workshops, teams will use the True Colors® temperament methodology to gain insight into their motivators, values, and communication styles. I invite you to take a look at a sample

True Colors Team Report.

Teams will get:

  • Improved communication

  • Increased engagement

  • More collaboration

  • A renewed sense of connection

  • Increased trust within teams

  • And increased productivity.  

Contact me direct to book a True Colors® Online Workshop or an in person workshop.  


Customized Workshops are Available!

I want to work with you to discover what's most important to you and your organization. Whether that's team communication, personal development, cultivating higher levels of energy and emotional intelligence within your company, or all of the above, let's work together to develop a program that's a fit for you and your employees. 

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