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Grunge Wood

About Me:

I made a mid-life edit about eight years ago spurred primarily by career burnout and a physical injury that required me to examine my life and choices. As much as the hospitality industry provided me with a wonderful nearly two-decade career, it was time to shift. I took a pause so I could better understand myself and take the next steps.

Today I strive to bring my own learning and wisdom into the places I teach.  Over the past years I have become a certified Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition, a certified professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, a certified Qigong teacher and a certified True Colors facilitator.  Most recently I have become a Guide with the Enneagram Prison Project where I teach the Enneagram to students on both sides of the bars. 

I entered teaching and coaching to help understand my own motivations, fears and to be able to show up for myself in a new way. I love the moments we have when we make connections that allow us to recognize our true gifts and start to establish new ways of thinking, feeling and doing. 

This self-knowing develops our capacity to be centered in our strengths, to be aware of our limitations and to access our distilled wisdom of embodied life lessons.


What I believe:

  • We all have the power to change 

  •  It takes work to get back to yourself

  •  Perfectionism will keep you from living a full life

  •  We must lead ourselves before we can lead others

  •  Trust is built through consistent action

  •  Mastery is found in effortless effort

  •  Laughter is the best medicine

  • The body holds special intelligence

  •  Nothing is as it seems

  •  We are inherently good

  •  Self-awareness is the first step to freedom

  •  We must be kind to ourselves

  •  We are all connected in this human experience


"Everything changes when your true self starts leading your life.

You are the one holding the key."


Power: What do you want to put out into the world?

You can make changes once you can see what you previously could not. You will find your power when you understand you have the answers and the control.  Through this clarity of knowing you will thrive as an individual and as a business.

Image by Jason D


What matters to you?

Align around your values and motivations to gain clarity and address the barriers that are holding you or your team back from achieving your goals. Transform negative emotions into positive and grow your leadership skills by accessing and making choices from all three intelligence centers.



What is your wisdom?

By challenging assumptions, limiting beliefs, perspectives and interpretations and working with your inner critic to remove energy blocks you can truly be aligned in the best version of you.  If you feel like you don't know how to find the answer within yourself it may lie in a place you aren't used to accessing.

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